A theme has come up recently from some radical feminists that gos something like this: “We respect transwomen as women, but not as females. We don’t use the term ‘woman-only space’ out of respect for transwomen. But they are not females.”

I use the term “M2T” or “F2T” because transpeople never really achieve their stated goal of changing their sex; even they themselves continue to refer to themselves as ‘trans’ people, acknowledging themselves that they are not the same as biological women.   One might use the term “Male-to-constructed-female,” as did Mary Daly, but this is somewhat cumbersome. I prefer the M2T designation which leaves no doubt as to who is what.

I do not concede the word “woman.” It has a meaning for me that goes beyond biology; I am more than a female. As a lesbian, and a radical feminist, I am first and foremost a woman. I do not recognize transsexuals as anything but that–transsexuals. And regardless of what we call ourselves, sooner or later, the transactivists will stake a claim to that term as well. To tell them that they are, indeed “women,” but not female merely confuses the issue, and also caves in just that much more to the agenda of the trans* movement–the erasure of women.

I do not recognize trans* as women. I will not give up still another word to their post-modernist b.s., in which nothing has meaning, everything is everyone, no one is anyone, and we are all just exactly what we say we are. I prefer to live in the real world, the world in which men are at war with women, and in which trans* are the allies of men in that struggle. They are the new handmaidens of the misogynist right. I am a woman. They are at war with me, and I will fight back, conceding nothing.




June 3, 2012

This is about as simple an explanation as there is.


A legitimate class-based discrimination analysis is 3-pronged, like this

What trans* activists do

When they aren’t busy doing this


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