Why Transwomen (and transmen) Hate Feminists

January 30, 2015

With all the violence that transwomen claim is visited on them, you would think that they might take a peek at just who is doing the violence. Now, some of the claims are rather silly, such as: One in twelve transwomen are murdered every year. That can’t be true, or every twelve years, ALL of them will have been murdered. But some transwomen are killed by violent men, that is true. But do they protest male violence? No, they blame feminists.

At first glance, that just seems irrational. But it isn’t. They hate us because WE’VE GOT THEIR NUMBER. We are ON TO them, and the game they’re playing.

That is why they see us as a bigger threat. We are. We threaten their very existence as ‘women,’ because we show, over and over again, that they are not. We show the world why they do what they do. And it makes perfect sense. Compared to men attacking and often killing them, we are a much bigger threat. They know this, or they wouldn’t call us names and threaten us with violence in return. It’s the only way they seem to understand. Because they are men.

If I were a transwoman, I would hate and fear feminists, too. We won’t play the game of “Let’s Pretend We’re Girls!” We won’t call them by their ‘real’ names. Worst of all, we won’t say they’re female. And that just ruins it for them. The truth is what they’ve been dodging all their lives, the truth that they were born–and remain–male.

All the makeup in the world isn’t going to change that. Wigs won’t change it. Surgery won’t, either. It’s a fact.

So feminists, please, keep it up. We’ll come out on top one of these days, when the liberal world sees that they been behind this huge lie, that they’ve supported a delusion. Say it out loud: TRANSWOMEN are MALE. Men pretending to be women does not make them women. It makes them men pretending to be women, and nothing more. Say it every day. Write it on social media. Keep telling the truth. The truth, someone said once, will set you free.


3 Responses to “Why Transwomen (and transmen) Hate Feminists”

  1. Marthew Says:

    “We are ON TO them” please enlighten me as to what it they are conspiring to do.

    And not all of the violence towards the transexual crowd happens at the hands of men, some women do it to.

    • Kitty Barber Says:

      Dear Marthew: Usually when someone doesn’t understand what they are reading, they try to figure it out, and learn something. But you? You seem to believe that my job is to enlighten you. My, what an odd attitude! Hmmm. Tell me, Marthew, (or is that Mathew/Martha?)where did you learn that? Anyway, there are plenty of places where you could become “enlightened” as to what I’m all about here, if you want to. Try your nearest library, and start reading about feminism. You will also learn there what’s known as a NAMALT. You can even google most of this, go ahead! See? Do you understand all I’ve written here? I thank you for paying attention. I will always remember you as “SOME WOMEN DO IT TO (sic)” Ha ha hahaaaahahaahaha!!!!!!!! you made my day

  2. Mark Connor Says:

    I have been friends with two tranny females. They both appear to “get off” hurting females. Not only in the bedroom but in female contact sport as well. Many in general could just dislike females.

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